Gynecology is one of the many specialties of Horse Clinic De Watermolen. “It is much more than peaking at eggs,” says Dr. Jan Greve. “If the mare does not pick up, then we try to find the cause and a suitable treatment. The result is that at the end of the season only a few mares remain gust.

The mare coaching takes place at the clinic, next to the stud, so we can best assist you in getting your mare pregnant.

Insemination is possible with fresh or frozen semen. Frozen semen is more sensitive than fresh semen, so the insemination has to take place closer to ovulation than with fresh semen. As the mares are stabled at De Watermolen, it is possible to check ovulation several times a day. In doing so we also have very good results with frozen semen!

The clinic is able to do bacteriological research, so we can – if necessary – take a mucus sample from the wombs of your mare and see if there is an infection that needs treatment. This treatment consists of flushing the uterus with antibiotics, by using a pipette in the uterus.

The guidance for mare insemination with fresh semen is 42,35 euros per cycle for examination, insemination and scanning. Additional veterinary fees, such as injections, bacteriological research, rinsing, antibiotic treatments and / or surgery by Equestrian Clinic De Watermolen will be charged to the mare owner.

If using frozen semen Equestrian Clinic De Watermolen will charge all acts and/or inspections.