Mees vd Watermolen – Vannan x Carambole






Vannan Diamant de Semilly Le Tot De Semilly
Venise Des Cresles
Quana One De L'Eaugrenee Kannan GFE
Ursula De L'Eaugrenee
Holinda Carambole Cassini I
Normandie VI
Donetta M Guidam

Approved: Kwpn – Zangersheide

Performance test report

Conformation: Mees vd Watermolen is a well-developed stallion who is correctly standing within the rectangular model. The head is appealing. The neck is sufficient in length with a slightly heavy head-neck connection. The neck is horizontally-shaped, good in length, and more than sufficiently-muscled. The shoulder is good in length and well-positioned. The whither is more than sufficiently-developed and more than sufficient in length. The back is good in length and well-muscled. The loins are sufficiently-muscled and well-connected. The croup is well-positioned, sufficient in length, and more than sufficiently-muscled. The pant muscle is more than sufficient in length. The foreleg is correct. The hindleg is straight. The pasterns are good in length and correct. The foundation is well-developed and of good quality. The hooves are well-developed, well-shaped, and of good quality. The heels are well-developed.   Pedigree: The Diamant de Semilly son Vannan is active on international Grand Prix level together with the French Jeanne Sadran and he is Mees vd Watermolen’s sire. His dam, Holinda ster, is a daughter of Carambole, who became fourth during the Nations Cup Final of Barcelona in 2013, together with Willem Greve. In the same year, they became sixth during the European championships in Herning and were ranked high during several Grand Prix’s. Mees’s granddam, Donetta M ster, was jumping high grades during her studbook inspection, what resulted in an invitation for the National Mare keuring as a three-year-old. Her sire, Guidam, was not only jumping at Grand Prix level, he also deserved the title ‘’preferent’’ due to his legacy in breeding. Continuing the damline, there is the mare Violetta, daughter of the preferent Indoctro. She brought the international 1.40m horse Casanova (s.Unesco). The fourth dam is Olinda elite sport-spr (s.Voltaire) who got high grades during her IBOP for the jumping parts and jumped at Grand Prix level together with the American Todd Minikus.   Research report: Mees v/d Watermolen is an honest, loyal, and easy to ride stallion with a good attitude. The stallion show much willingness to work and is easy to train. The walk is sufficient in length and suppleness. The trot is light-footed, carried, and more than sufficient in length. While moving, the stallion has a good self-carriage and balance. The canter is light-footed, active, with enough length and more than sufficient balance. Mees v/d Watermolen jumps with a lot of overview, upward through the body with extraordinary reflexes, a lot of use of the body, and a good foreleg technique with a good ending of the jump. Mees v/d Watermolen seems to be careful and shows a lot of athletic ability. As a jumping horse, Mees v/d Watermolen has more than sufficient talent and gives the rider a very good feeling.   Stable behavior: Honest, loyal stallion, easy while handling and quiet at the stable. Breeding/Matching advice: Mees v/d Watermolen can add jumping qualities and improve the canter within the jumping breeding.