Scandic – Solos Carex x Amiral


Grand Prix




Solos Carex Castro Calypso I
Solos Larix Lagano
Noraline -elite sport(dr) Amiral Napoleon
Joline - keur Michelangelo
Eljenohve - elite pref.
Approved for KWPN, Oldenburg, Westfalen, DWBand Zfdp Scandic isone ofthe best four Grand Prix dressage horses in the world since June 2011 and may evenbe called the worlds best dressage stallion. Scandic won the bronze medal in the Freestyle at the European Championships 2011 in Rotterdam with Patrik Kittel. In 2013 he finished 7th in the World Cup final. Athis debut at the European Championships 2009 in Windsor, he finished 8th. In 2010 hebecame5th in the World Cup final and represented Sweden at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. Meanwhile, the Swedishpair broke two Swedish records. For example, Scandic won the Freestyle in Falsterbo 2011 with 82.78%! For a dressage horse Scandic has an original pedigree. After Michelangelo we seeAkteur, Lucky Boy xx and Le Faquin xx in his pedigree. Both his father Solos Carex and his grandfather Admiral excelled at the highest level in dressage. Great grandmother Eljenohve is also mother of Billy Twomey’s formal top Grand Prix horse Luidam. In 2008 Scandic made his debute in the Small Tour with his new Swedish rider Patrik Kittel. Some quotes in the media: “Scandic was the great discoveryat the VHO Trophy Dressage”, “Scandic has developed very well, the stallion swinged through the arena”, “Scandic showcased his talent for collection and went with lots of power through the trot and canter tour”, “Scandic has a lot of qualityand shows everything for the highest level”. In the battle for the VHO Trophy, Scandic and Patrik Kittel finished 2nd. Scandic have three approved sonsup tonow: Sir Scandic (Scandic x Lord Sinclair) in Oldenburg, Zambuka (Scandic x Biotop) for the KWPN and So You Think (Scandic x Krack C) for the NRPS. Zambuka was the 2008 Vice Champion in the Pavo Cup for 4-year-old dressage horses. One year later, hewas finalist at the World Championships for young dressage horses in Verden. Also in maretests, IBOP and during the VSN trophy offspring of Scandic achieve excellent results. Scandic brings the requisite power and tact ina dressage horse. Scandic: the new dimension in dressage for the professional!