Furioso II x Gotthard

Year of birth: 1979
Height: 1.68
Studbook: Hannover
Approved by: KWPN, Selle Français , Hannover, Oldenburg, BWP, UNIRE, DWB
Stud Fee: € 300,- + € 1700,-


FURIOSO IIFurioso IIPrecipitation xx
Maureen xx
Dame de RanvilleTalisman
Qui je suis Belle
Gogo Moeve HGOTTHARDGoldfisch II
Ampa H
S.26521 v. Ehrich

Approved for KWPN, Selle Francais, Hannover, Oldenburg, BWP, UNIRE, DWB, etc. With the valuable performance blood of the stallions Furioso II and Gotthard in his pedigree, Voltaire became one of the most influential stallions in the sporthorse breeding of the last 25 years. Not only directly but also through his many approved sons, the Hannoverian stallion still leaves his mark on the sport and breeding today. Through his daughters, the blood of Voltaire is a strong and valuable link inmany breeding lines, which contributes to strengthening the parent strains andanchoring of the performance genes.

Both by Furioso xx (dam side) as well asMore Magic xx (through his grandmother on mother’s sidewe see the valuablecontribution of thorough blood in the pedigree of this stallionThe qualities of Voltaire manifest the full width of both sport and breedingNotonly we see Voltaire as father of an extremely large number of national andinternational show jumpers, but also of dressage horses. Voltaire enjoys famein the United States of America as a supplier of a large number of horses thatperform remarkably well in the Hunter Classes. Not without reason Voltaire is named ‘Hunter Sire of America’ for several years in a row. Voltaire died in 2004. There is plenty of frozen high quality semen available.