Sport, breeding & trading

Sport, breeding & trading

At De Watermolen large numbers of foals are born annually, young horses raised and trained for show jumping, dressage, eventing and driving. This is why Jan Greve has year-round supply of many horses, broodmare to foal, fromjust broken to further ridden. Not all horses will be on the website, so please call us for more information!

Besides the young horseswe also train ourbreedingstallions, so in addition to their career in breeding they can also look forward to a carreer in sports. The combination between sport and breeding has been proven by stallions as Voltaire, Creool. Karandasj, Madison and Scandic.

The list of champions and international competition horses from Greve’s ‘shop’ is huge. Raised on De Watermolen are for example:

AUTHENTIC (Guidam x Katell xx), Beezie Madden
FLYINGE ELECTRO(Voltaire x Amor), Peter Eriksson
GUIDAM (Quidam de Revel x Venutard), Eric van der Vleuten
HARLEY (Julio Mariner xx x Gondelier), Bruce Godin
KARANDASJ (Fedor x Irco Polo), Willem Greve
KYRALEEN (Quidam de Revel x Voltaire), Caroline Muller
LUIDAM (Guidam x Akteur), Billy Twomey
SHERLOCK (Creool x G.Ramiro Z), Dominique Hendrickx
SIR GALAHAD (Julio Mariner xx x Farn), Markus Fuchs
SIMON (Luidam x Julio Mariner xx), Michael Whitaker
TJUNGSKE (Carthago x Julio Mariner xx)
THE VICTOR (Lucky Boy xx x Portorico), Schaffenberger
VANDAMME (Guidam x Hemmingway), Wojciech Dahlke
WIETVOT/LANSDOWNE (Guidam x Wolfgang), Yann Candele
ZADOK (Nimmerdor x Marco Polo), Hap Hansen

Grand Prix dressage horses from De Watermolen:
MARNIX (Hinault x Voltaire), George Williams
NERUDA (Haarlem x Ladalco), Michael Barison
SCANDIC (Solos Carex x Amiral), Patrik Kittel