At Horse Clinic De Watermolen various surgeries performed in the specious theater with neighbouring safe recovery room. The horses are kept under anesthesia using gasanesthesia. This process is closely monitored by monitors (capnography) and checks on the horse. All findings are recorded in an operative report.

Examples of surgery
Castrations: Besides the so-called standing castration, we also perform castrations through the groins under general anesthesia. This is done in a sterile enviremont and the wounds are closed. Stallions with an undescended testikel can also be castrated.

Wounds: You can bring your horse with a sustained wound, but also for reconstructing old wounds, for example when there is ‘wild flesh’. Surgical treatment does not always lead to a cure but it will reduce infection.

Cornage operations

Arthroscopy: This is a exploratory surgery where loose OCD from joints can be removed. Via a scope, we can look at the joint. Through a second working channel we can remove the loose fragments. These are only some of the examples of surgery. Leg Stand Adjustments: like cross legs and club foot

Navel Fractions

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