Albaran xx x Karandasj

Year of birth: 2010
Height: 1.69
Studbook: KWPN
Approved by: KWPN
Stud Fee: 


ALBARAN XXSure Blade xxKriss xx
Double Lock xx
Araqueen xxKönigsstuhl xx
Araguaia xx
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Kwpn approved On 16 November 2013, Famous was approved by the Kwpn. Famous proved to be an honest and reliable stallion with a very good attitude during the Kwpn performance test, for which he received a 9! The stallion is very willing to work, can be worked well and has a good mouth. His walk is pure and with plenty of scope. The trot is ample. The canter is well-carried and has plenty to good scope. In motion, the stallion has good posture and ample balance. Famous jumps with ample to good reflexes. Famous seems careful and shows ample to good scope. As a show jumper, Famous has ample to plenty of talent.

The thoroughbred Albaran xx is his sire and he will bring toughness,blood and attitude.With ten seasons and 73 races, the thoroughbred stallion Albaran xx has been tried hard and long. He finished third in the German Derby and second in the famous Hansa Preis in 2000 and 2001. He also won the Stockholm Cup International in 1999. He earned a total of almost NOK 5 million. The proven Keur stallion Karandasj as grandfather guarantees a fine sport horse. Proven both nationally and internationally by Odina, Ofieterma, Olivier, Ollino, Optical Illusion, Orion II, Ozanne, Parandasj, Parodie, Pjottr, Polien, Prozdi, Purdey, Texas, Toscanini, Tougly, True Color, Unesco, Who Pays the Bill and Arandelli. KWPN breeding/breeding advice: Famous can add blood, model, size and rideability to breeding.