Lingo vd Watermolen

Connect x Carambole

Year of birth: 2016
Height: 1.68
Studbook: KWPN
Approved by: KWPN, SWB
Stud Fee: € 250,- + € 650,-


Korrada S
Happy WiggyCARAMBOLECassini I
Normandie VI
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Approved Kwpn

Conformation: Lingo van de Watermolen is a well-developed stallion with a  more than sufficient rectangular model with a downward body direction. The head is expressive. The neck is more than sufficient in length with a light head-neck connection. The neck is good in shape, good in length, has more than sufficient muscling and is slightly vertical. The shoulder has more than sufficient length and a good position. The withers are well developed and of good length. The back has good length and good muscling. The loins are well muscled and well connected. The croup has a good position, sufficient length and more than sufficient muscling. The hamstring has more than sufficient length. The foreleg is correctly positioned when viewed from the side and from the front. The hindleg is correctly positioned and a bit long. The pasterns are good in length and correctly positioned. The foundation is well developed and of good quality. The hooves are well developed, good in shape and of good quality. The heels are well developed. Descendant: The Connor son Connect was active with Caroline Müller at international 1.35m level and is known as the father of Lingo van de Watermolen. Connor also performed internationally and his father Casall is of course known for his participation in major international championships such as the Olympic Games in London, the WEG in Caen and various World Cups under Rolf-Göran Bengtsson.

Lingo van de Watermolen’s mother Happy Wiggy is a daughter of Carambole, who was very successful at the highest level under Willem Greve. Thereafter we find Voltaire in the maternal line and the third dam Pekezwiggy (by Karandasj) is the dam of the KWPN stallion Watermill Famous (by Albaran xx), who is classified in the eventing with Alice Naber-Lozeman at international two-star level. She also produced the one-star eventing horse Berryhouse (by Sjapoo). The approved stallion Oliver (by Voltaire) also derives from this dam line. Performance report: Lingo van de Watermolen is an honest and reliable, playful stallion with a good attitude who requires attention from the rider. The stallion has a lot of willingness to work and is easy to work with, but is somewhat variable in the connection. The walk is sufficient to more than sufficient in space and flexibility. The trot is more than sufficient to good in space and flexibility. The canter is light-footed, very well carried and has good space with which the stallion changes leads very easily. The stallion has a more than sufficient to good posture and balance during movement. Lingo van de Watermolen jumps well with an upwards body direction, with very good reflexes, a good technique of the front legs and the jump is completed very well in the hindlegs. Lingo van de Watermolen seems careful and shows a lot of scope and has the quality to be able to forward very easily above the jump. Lingo van de Watermolen has much to very much talent for jumping and gives his rider a good feeling. Stable behaviour: Honest reliable stallion, easy going and calm in the stable. Breeding / matching advice: Lingo van de Watermolen can add jumping quality and in particular athletic ability to show jumping horse breeding.