Vivaldi du Seigneur

Chellano Z x Darco

Geboortejaar: 2005
Stokmaat: 1.68
Stamboek: Sbs
Goedgekeurd door: Sbs- Sf
Dekgeld: € 300,- + € 900.- ex vat


Chellano Z Contender Calypso II 
Fayence Cor de la bryere 
Panama Du Seigneur Darco Lugano Van La Roche 
Mic Mac Du Dieu demon Heartbreaker 


The genetically striking Vivaldi du Seigneur jumped at the 1.50-meter level with Penelope Leprevost and had a promising future ahead until severe colic prematurely ended his career. The good news is that he is now available for breeders! On the sire side, we see three influential stallions who have competed at the highest level: Chellano Z, Darco, and Heartbreaker. The dams are equally interesting; his dam jumped at the 1.45-meter level, and his grandmother at 1.50 meters. The number of sport horses from the dam line is exceptional, including horses like Rexar du Houssoit, Tic Tac, Amour du Seigneur, and Boyfriend du Seigneur.