Albaran XX – Sure Blade xx x Konigsstuhl






Sure Blade xx Kris xx Sharpen Up xx
Double Sure xx
Double Lock xx Home Guard xx
St.Padina xx
Araqueen xx Konigsstuhl Dschingis Khan xx
Konigskronung xx
Araguaia xx Obermaat xx
Astana xx v. Pantheon xx
Approved for KWPN, Westfalen, Hannover, Oldenburg, Holstein, Trakehnen, DWBand NOR Albaran xx is a thoroughbredstallion (size 1.68m) who is very interestingfor breeding of sporthorses, especially because of his conformation, correctness and hardness. With ten seasons and 73 racesAlbaran xx is beleaguered and a extremely healthy thoroughbred. In the German Derby he was third in 2000. In 2001 he was runner-up in the famous Hansa Preis. He also won the Stockholm Cup International in 1999 and earned a total of almost 5 million Norwegian Kroner. The 19-year-old Albaran xx still has an athletic body, a very good walk, a large, smooth trot and a well carried canter. And so by reason of his great shoulders, good topline and long croup we are looking forward to hiss offspring. Albaran xx passed the KWPN performance test in Ermelo. He had to join the warmblood stallions and did this very good. For example Albaran xx received an 8 for canter and attitude & balance and an8.5 for rideability and willingnes. After the KWPN approval of Albaran xx the chairman of the KWPN stallion commission, Arie Hamoen, said: “I hope breeders will use this stallion because I think he can add blood, withoutcompromising the jumping ability.” Offspring inspection by KWPN: “A collection of long-legged, more than sufficiently to well developed riding type foals with good rectangular-shaped conformation. The trot has sufficient to more than sufficient stride length. The canter is light-footed with more than suffi cient stride length. The foals move with more than suffi cient body use and carriage.” KWPN breeding reccomendation: “Albaran xx can benefit jumper breeding by passing on ‘blood’ with respect to conformation and jumping traits.”